What are wireless microphones?

A wireless microphone also refers to as a cordless microphone. There are mainly three types as handheld, headset, and clip-on microphone. Unlike the usual microphone, this microphone does not have a cable wired to its sound recording system. According to historical evidence, the invention of the wireless microphone dates back to 1945, and we can find more advanced versions of wireless microphones under various brands in today’s market.

How does a wireless microphone work?

A microphone, a transmitter, and a receiver are the three distinct components that make up a working wireless microphone system. This radio transmitter receives power from batteries. A microphone is a device into which the user speaks. The wireless microphone transforms audio or sound waves into radio signals and passes them to the transmitter. Then the transmitter gives those signals to the nearby receiving unit, thereby converting them back into audio signals. Those recovered audio signals go through the sound system, and then listeners can hear the amplified version. Wireless microphones are more affordable and widespread than ever before, thanks to continuous technological advancements and good quality and reliability improvements. The use of wireless microphones is more frequent among the presenters due to possible advantages that extend well beyond the level.

Benefits of wireless microphones
  • Presenters/ singers can do their performances effortlessly with free movements.
  • No cabling problems as in the wired microphones
  • The audience can view a clean stage without wires while the presenter/ artist is performing
  • Easily adjustable while performing
  • Flexible in moving from place to place and in setting up due to low weight and simplicity
  • High durability
  • Available at more affordable prices

Things to Know Before Buying a wireless microphone system

Due to the wide range of benefits of the wireless microphone than the wired one, it has a massive demand among the presenters, singers, and artists. Also, various types of wireless microphones manufactured under different brands are largely available in multiple price ranges. However, before buying a wireless microphone, one should know about some related facts listed below.

  • A wireless microphone does not function if it misses any of its main three components: microphone, transmitter, and receiver. Someone should make sure to check the package for these three components before buying the product.
  • Usually, wireless microphone systems are available in the market in packages. Receivers from one company are often incompatible with mics and transmitters from another due to the frequency compatibility issue. Hence, users need to buy the whole wireless microphone system. They cannot mix and match the three components manufactured under different brands.
  • User can only use one microphone per receiver.
  • Technology being analogue or digital (Digital microphone system produced more quality audio compared to analogue ones)
  • User-friendliness and outer appearance
  • Sound quality
  • Battery life
  • Range and Size
  • Affordability

So, in general, every user tries to buy the best product for a price that they can afford. Though there are thousands of cheap wireless microphone systems in the market, knowing the best one is helpful for the users. It is hard to name only a selected product as the best and cheap one out of many more. Thus, below is a list of some best and cheap wireless microphone systems in the world.

  • Pyle Channel Microphone System – VHF Fixed Dual Frequency
  • BONAOK Bluetooth Karaoke Wireless Microphone
  • Hotec UHF Dual Wireless Microphone System
  • KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone G130
  • Pyle Portable VHF Wireless Microphone System
  • NASUM Dual Wireless Headset Lavalier Mic
  • Hotec Wireless system with Dual Headset Microphone
  • KIMAFUN 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone G102-3
  • YEOSEN Wireless Microphone
  • Hotec UHF Dual Wireless Microphone System (H-K25)

It is always a good move to go through each wireless microphone system in detail and compare its brand, features, and price before purchasing. Also, if you are new to this audio industry better to get advice from an expert than regret.

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