Latest iMac 2021 features – price, specs, colors, keyboard and more

Apple always tries to introduce new products with the newest technologies to compete in the industry. Apple has introduced a new iMac 2021 with incredible features comparing others.


Price is your biggest concern if you have a Mac desktop to choose from, the basic configuration of the old iMac is $ 200 less than the most affordable M1 iMac. But higher configurations are more expensive and cost hundreds or thousands of dollars at the top end. Those higher prices correspond to better hardware options – 4 and 6-core processors, significantly more RAM, and a variety of GPU options ranging from integrated graphics to a BF AMD Radeon graphics card – but in its most powerful form, the iMac 2019 is not cheap.

The new iMac 2021 with the M1 could certainly have more expensive configurations, and the prices currently announced are reasonable. It starts at $ 1,299 and goes up to $ 1,699 for a higher configuration with 8-core graphics and 512GB SSD. The lowest price point of the new iMac 2021 comes with some compromises: fewer color options, less port selection, and fewer 7-core graphics.

Design and Color

The new iMac is much thinner than previous models. In fact, the 11.5mm chassis is thinner than most isolated monitors and has all the components inside the iMac. The old iMac Hump is also gone, with a design that looks more like a stable iPad than all the other computers we’ve seen.

The old 2019 iMac is 20.8 x 17.7 x 6.9 inches, and when this design was introduced nine years ago it was a very small machine and the 12-pound desktop is standard today.

The new 2021 iMac uses M1-powered hardware for a smooth design of 21.5 x 18.1 x 5.8 inches. It’s a bit taller and a bit wider, but the difference in screen size is huge and the 11.5mm chassis is fantastic. It sheds in bulk weighing 9.9 pounds.

The new iMac design integrates a sleek new approach to hardware with IMAX’s Candy Shop color options from the late 90s. The iMac G3 comes in 13 colors (including the iconic Bondi Blue) and the new iMac has an optional rainbow, with seven colors to choose from: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. The old Imax Henry Ford color picker philosophy followed – as long as there was silver aluminum in any color you wanted.

The pre-design of the latest iMac 2021 has a lot of calls, and there are chin-like visuals below the screen, a single pedestal base, and a stand that provides angle adjustment for sticking to the back of the screen, but no height adjustments at all. So the stock of books that your old iMac had may still use with this new model.


The design of the iMac 2021 may slim, but the display is really large, measuring 24 inches diagonally and dramatically surrounded by thin bezels. The large display has a high resolution (4480 x 2520) and is called the Apple 4.5K Retina. Not only is it good news for anyone working with 4K video streaming and high resolution, but it is also best suited for video editing, as it should allow you to work with 4K video at full resolution, even though there is room to edit tools on the sides and bottom.

Although the iMac 2019 21.5-inch display is stuck in the cheapest model with 1920 to 1080 resolution, the step-up model offered a more traditional 4K display with 4096-by-2304 resolution. Despite the high-resolution screen, the older 4K iMac has been surrounded by thick bezels that look very old over the past few years.


We can safely say that the performance of the new iMac should be excellent, as it is the only Apple M1 processor we have seen with our Apple Mac Mini M1 and Mac Book Pro M1 Reviews.

Starting with the mac OS Big Sur operating system, Apple is pairing the new hardware with its own software. Built to get the most out of Apple Silicon hardware, you can get it from the Intel-based Max, but you’ll see the best performance of the Apple M1. Apple promises that the new iMac 2021 will easily outperform the old 2019 model, offering Snapier wake-up times and app launches, with 85% faster processor performance and graphics twice as fast as older Intel-based models. From what we have seen in testing other Max M1s, those claims are confirmed. The 24-inch 24-inch iMac M1 will a big improvement over the previous generation.


Updated Apple port selection on the latest iMac but it may not be a slam dunk. In the more basic model, the 2021 iMac has two dual Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports. These will support all types of applications, including connecting and storing external monitors, but only two of them seem to be limited.

The two more expensive configurations of the new iMac add a pair of additional USB 3 ports using USB-C connections. It has 4 USB-C connections, but two different connection parameters.

All that is missing from this port collection is USB-C and nothing but Thunderbolt. Unlike the 2019 iMac, the 24-inch model does not have an HDMI port and an SD card. There are no standard USB ports, so even your basic flash drives need an adapter.

It’s a lot of cryptocurrency from the rich port collection of IMAX in the past. The 2019 iMac had four USB-A ports as well as a pair of Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C connectors, an SDXC card, and a headphone jack.

Even more unfortunate is that these ports are found on another M1-powered desktop. 2020 Mac Mini – There was an HDMI port and a USB-A slot standard. This means that there is no hardware limit to blame for the removal of these useful and common connectors, Apple’s preoccupation with new standards, and its love of expensive adapters (which are easy to sell).

Other smart new additions to the 2021 iMac include an Ethernet port built into the power adapter and a magnetic power cable connection such as the Mag Safe plug-in for your static desktop. I’m not sure how useful that magnetic connector really is, but it should at least something new when setting up your new iMac.


The new iMac’s audio comes with a bigger upgrade than previous models, with a 6-speaker system replacing the stereo speakers of previous models. The new speaker configuration has two pairs of woofers that use not only room-filling noise but also power dissipation to keep unwanted vibrations to a minimum. These are compatible with high-performance tweets that combine with Wofer’s bass clear high and medium-range sound.

Everything on the bottom of the iMac is mounted in a downward shooting orientation, which reflects more sound back and forth, which Apple uses to create a larger sound platform. Those wide, tall spatial audio devices also support Dolby Atmos, which should provide great sound for all your entertainment and work needs.

Webcam and Microphone

The new iMac gets an updated webcam, which increases the resolution from the old iMac’s 720p camera to a 1080p HD facetime camera. It also combines built-in image processing with more than half a dozen optimizations to make your camera image quality better and clearer and more colorful. The older 720p camera is not bad, but the better resolution and color of the 2021 iMac can choose if you want to get your best look at those working video calls.

The array of the microphone will allow you to hear more clearly, the beam-making technology will make your mouth louder and the noise around you less.


Speaking of external devices, the 2021 iMac comes with a collection of cool accessories to choose from. In true Apple style, the new terminals do not differ dramatically from what was offered in the past. With the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse, it will look similar to past models. New IMAX. But there is more to the new “magic” collection than just matching colors.

The new Magic Keyboard comes in three flavors. The basic model is updated with active keys for emoji, spotlights, dictation, and do not interrupt keys. It also has a lock key. This is the new standard keyboard that comes with the most affordable iMac at no extra cost.

But the next model updates the lock key to include touch ID and for the first time brings fingerprint-based security to the iMac. It’s a very cool feature, but it’s only standard with the 8-core version of the iMac.

Best features in New iMac 2021

iMac for the first time offers the best camera, mics, speakers and touch ID on the Mac

The iMac has a stunning sleek modern design with a striking side profile that practically disappears.

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple has introduced the latest iMac with a more compact and strikingly slim design, activated by the M1 chip. The new iMac offers a powerful performance of 11.5 mm thin design and practically disappears a prominent side profile. Available in a wide range of colors to suit the user’s personal style and to brighten up any space, the iMac 24-inch 4.5-inch Retina Display offers 11.3 million pixels, 500 brightness, and more than a billion colors, and offers a bright and vibrant display.

  • Enables multiple new features

Completely redesigned as one of the most popular computers in the world, the new iMac has a slim and compact design that stands out from every angle. The chip architecture on the systems and the logical board activated by the M1’s astonishing power efficiency and thermal integration are dramatically reduced in size compared to the previous generation, allowing the profile of the iMac to practically disappear. The more compact design reduces iMac volume by 50 percent, allowing 1 to take up less space and fit more easily.

  • Have 24-inch 4.5K Retina display

iMac always talks about its best class display. The new iMac 24-inch 4.5-inch Retina display features 2 narrow borders and 11.3 million pixels. The P3 has a wide range of colors and more than a billion colors, and the images are brilliant and bright with over 500 bright nights. The new display is also equipped with true tone technology that automatically adjusts the color temperature as the environment changes for a more natural viewing experience. In addition, the new iMac’s 4.5K Retina display has an industry-leading anti-reflective coating and is more comfortable and readable.

  • Amazing for the photos and movies.

With the fast M1 chip, the new iMac offers amazing performance, so users can run a variety of applications without interrupting their workflow. On the new iMac with the M1, users can fly through the edits to the pictures in the photos. With the new iMac’s powerful M1 chip, users can export their favorite video project to iMovie faster than ever. At Apple Arcade, users can enjoy exclusive games on the wide iMac display.

The M1’s powerful 8-core CPU features the fastest CPU core in low-power silicon. The 8-core GPU also has the fastest integrated graphics on a personal computer.

  • The best camera, mics and speakers

The iMac has a 1080p FaceTime HD camera – one of the best ever on the Mac – that offers high-quality video and excellent performance in low light. It takes advantage of the imaging signal processor on the iMac M1 chip and the neural engine, and improves camera image quality with better noise reduction, increased dynamic range, and improved auto exposure and white balance. So users will always see their best, whether connected with family or a video call while working from home.

Complementing the camera, the new iMac includes a studio-quality triple microphone for clear calls and voice recording, which is one of the best on the Mac. The mics are positioned to reduce feedback from the rest of the system, and the directional beam allows the user to focus on the voice without ignoring the background noise. As a result, the dialogues are more natural and the recordings are clearer.

  • Number of universal applications

There are now thousands of popular and powerful universal applications that take full advantage of M1 and MacOS Big Sur, including Photoshop, Twitter, Microsoft Office, Quicken, Slack, Affinity Publisher, Sapos, 1 Password, and Da Vinci Resolve. . With the power of thousands of M1 and MacOS Big Sur and Universal apps, iMac can transform an office into a movie theater, a living room into a classroom, a kitchen into a conference room, or the centerpiece of retail space.

Thousands of universal apps like Photoshop (top) are now available to get the most out of M1 and MacOS Big Sur, and more and more are coming in every week.

  • Touch ID comes with an iMac with color matching devices

Customers can choose from three models of Magic Keyboard with beautiful aluminum boxes that match the color with the iMac. For the first time, Touch ID comes wirelessly to the iMac.7 Magic Keyboard, which uses a special security feature on the keyboard that communicates directly with M1’s secure enclave, creating an encrypted channel to protect users’ fingerprint data from end to end. While unlocking Mac or making a purchase with Apple pay, users enjoy a fast, easy and secure experience.

In addition, Touch ID works with faster user switching, so customers can switch to a different user profile at the push of a finger. Customers can choose from a magic keyboard with a touch ID and number keypad as well as a color matching magic mouse and the best magic trackpad in the industry.

  • Enables with latest connection for data and devices

Every iMac has two Thunderbolt ports for superior food data transfer, giving customers high performance to connect with more devices, support up to a 6K display like the Apple Pro Display XDR, and Wi-Fi 6 fast wireless performance. The 8-core iMac configuration offers two additional USB-C ports, and the power adapter also includes a 1Gbps Ethernet port, making for a less cluttered desktop.

It has state-of-the-art connectivity to up to four IMAC USB-C ports, including support for two Thunderbolt ports and a 6K screen for superior food data transfer.

  • Environmental freindly

Today, Apple is carbon neutral for global corporate operations and plans to have a net-zero climate impact across the entire business by 2030, including product supply chains and all product life cycles. This means that every Apple device sold through liquid collection, component manufacturing, assembly, transportation, consumer use, charging, recycling, and material reprinting will be 100 percent carbon neutral.

The new iMac is built using a low carbon aluminum box and one hundred percent recycled tin in the solution of its main logic board, minimizing its impact on the environment. One hundred percent of the wood fibers in the packaging come from recycled or responsibly managed forests. The magnets on the speakers, fans, and power connectors are made entirely of one hundred percent recycled rare earth elements. The iMac is free of harmful substances and meets Apple’s high standards for energy efficiency.

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