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iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini

iPhone launches its new phones every year. Everyone is a better version of the old one. Many users around the world anxiously wait for the new model. Here we will go through the iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini-reviews. After reading this, you will be able to decide which one is better and suitable for you.


The price range of iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini

iPhones are expensive than every other phone because of the best security features and campers. iPhone 12 pro max is starting from 1099$ while the iPhone mini is starting from 699$.

iPhone 12 is available in pacific blue, gold, graphite, and silver color. While you will find the iPhone mini in blu, green, red, white, and black shades.

Comparison of Screen and display in iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini

iPhone 12 pro max has a screen of 6.7-inch. While the iPhone mini is of 5.4 inches screen. Moreover, both have an HDR display, so you don’t have to worry about it. They both have haptic touch and 1200 nits brightness in HDR. But typical brightness differs in both of them. iPhone 12 pro max has 800 nits during mini hs 625 nits brightness.

iPhone pro max has a height of 6.33 inches, while mini has a height of 5.18 inches. The width is 3.07 of iPhone pro max, while the mini has a width of 2.53 inches. Both have the same depth.

Comparison of the camera in iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini

The camera of an iPhone is one of the best specs. iPhone pro max has a pro camera of 12MP. While the iPhone mini has a dual camera of 12MP. iPhone pro max also has ƒ/2.2 aperture, telephoto feature, while mini does not have. iPhone pro max has 2.5 x optical zoom, while mini has only 2x zoom. You can also take night mode portraits in your iPhone 12 pro max.

Both have almost the same video recording and front camera features. Moreover, both have the same security features as well.

Comparison of the battery timing in iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini

As we all know that Apple products run out of battery quickly than other phones. But you will be surprised to learn that iPhone 12 pro max has a video playback battery timing of 20 hours and audio of 80 hours. Similarly, the iPhone mini has a battery timing of 15 hours of video playback and 50hours of audio.

Which one is better; iPhone 12 pro max vs. iPhone mini?

Every apple product comes with its unique specs and details. Both phones have slightly different features from each other. If you want long term battery timing and the best features, I phone 12 pro max is best. Otherwise, you can rely on an iPhone mini.

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