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iPhone 12 pro max camera review

The iPhone is always there to provide a surprise. No other phone can beat iPhone in giving the best cameras. Here we will be going to provide you with an iPhone 12 pro max camera review. You will definitely understand why iPhone 12 pro max is best and why everyone is recommending it.

Photo Scores:

The first thing in iPhone 12 pro max camera review is photo scores. It has photo scores of 138 that are excellent. Target exposure of iPhone 12 pro max is always accurate. Moreover, you can quickly check that there are good photo highlights in iPhone 12 pro max. It also gives the best contrast effects so far.

iPhone 12 pro max camera review for colors

It has a solid color score. It gives an HDR color display. Moreover, it highlights a lot. The color effect is not too good. According to many people, iPhone 11 was having better color looks than this version as it makes a bit cartoonish version. But if you take photos indoors, it gives a warmer effect, making the pictures quite exciting and useful.


Apple has introduced the best autofocus features in iPhone 12 pro max. It is perfect under any circumstances. The brightness also causes an impact on performance level and make it easy for users to click beautiful images. The autofocus is due to the LiDar system of Apple.

iPhone 12 pro max camera noise review

Noise reduction and making images more clear is also one of the primary goals of apple. iPhone 12 pro max is a better version of iPhone 11 when it comes to noise. Even in darkness, it captures the best images with every small and specific detail in them. In this way, you can have the best ideas.

Night Mode

The night mode is relatively better than iPhone 11, but it still needs improvements. The details must always be enhanced if apple wants to beat Samsung and Huawei in night mode shots.

Zoom Scores

The zoom scores are 68. These are basically composites of tele scores and total scores. You can have more precise images than before. Even the cropped images are better now. But it still needs to improve as flagships still appear.

Video Scores

According to the experts, the video scores are 113. These include a vast comparison of HDR display and counting several other features as well.


Concluding the article, overall iPhone 12 pro max ids best version than previous ones. It has fast and accurate autofocus. Moreover, it gives more details in a good light. You can have a wide dynamic range in the videos—the noise level is controlled in videos. But dynamic rampage is still limited, and night mode is not that good. Moreover, pics taken in HDR are not good enough, and zoom needs improvement as well. But still, if you want something great, it is the best thing for you.

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