Inexpensive Wireless Headphones With Good Sound

Inexpensive Wireless Headphones With Good Sound

This category brings together the best entry-level TWS headphones. They can be conditionally divided into several types. These are budget in-ear (plugs or vacuum) and in-ear headphones (earbuds). They differ slightly from each other, and many users do not even know that these are different types of headsets. The first plug the ear canal. This is the reason for the name. The earbuds, in turn, are inserted into the shell, but do not plug the ear canal. In compiling this selection, we proceeded from the recommendations of the buyers. In particular, for convenience, which is often the problem with inexpensive models of these types.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

Our Top 20 best wireless headphones are opened by the model of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2 series, which has all the necessary functionality for comfortable operation of the headset: you can comfortably watch videos, listen to music, run and communicate on the phone. The manufacturer has taken care of the availability of high-quality ear cushions that fit snugly around the ears. Implemented advanced technology Environment Noise Reduction (noise reduction). The advantages of this Bluetooth headset include the presence of sufficiently powerful 7.2 mm speakers with support for frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. The operating time without charging is 4 hours.


When discussing budget TWS headphones of good quality, it is impossible to deny the existence of the QCY T1C model. This is a really inexpensive headset that is not inferior to more advanced solutions in terms of battery life – the operating time from charging is 4 hours, which can be explained by the presence of a 380 mAh battery. It takes about 2 hours in the case for full energy recovery. The speakers support frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 108 dB and an impedance of 32 ohms. These are good numbers for this segment. There is an omnidirectional microphone, as well as support for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. The package includes 3 pairs of high-quality ear pads at once. In the comments of buyers, we were able to see dissatisfaction only on the subject of the fact that the headset is inconvenient to remove from the case.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE

If you do not know what to buy inexpensive wireless earbuds for your phone, we recommend paying attention to the Xiaomi Air 2 SE with an autonomy of 5 hours. Together with the charging case, the work can be extended up to 20 hours, which is an excellent indicator. It should be noted the support of the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, as well as the high sensitivity of the drivers. For the manufacture of this device, innovative developments of the Chinese brand were implemented, which is reflected in the sound quality of different frequencies. High volume and volume are guaranteed by rather large 14.2 mm drivers with a dynamic emitter. Another bonus is the support for the AAC audio codec.

Huawei Honor Choice

These entry-level wireless headphones have 7mm composite diaphragm drivers. This headset provides excellent sound with powerful bass and treble. At the same time, the model of the Huawei Honor Choice series boasts support for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. The device is easily interfaced with other devices that support the specified connection. Simultaneous synchronization technology has been implemented. The latency was reduced to 130 ms. Another clear advantage is the high-performance sound cancellation technology and two-channel sound transmission of the HONOR CHOICE series. Even in noisy environments, the headset is extremely pleasant to use.

CGPods Lite

The best inexpensive wireless earbuds of 2021 is the CGPods Lite model from the Tyumen company CaseGuru. At the same time, the headset has a good sound quality even against the background of more expensive counterparts. The device has received protection from moisture, so they can, for example, be washed under the tap. The headset is very lightweight (each earbud weighs only 4 grams). They are hardly felt in the ears, they are not visible behind long hair and under a headdress. The headphone case is made of plastic with a hard-wearing soft-touch coating. This case is pleasant to hold in your hands and to click with a magnetic lock – it is a kind of anti-stress case. Unfortunately, CGPods are not sold in retail chains, but this has not become an obstacle to the sharp rise in popularity of the headset. Rather, on the contrary, buyers appreciated the opportunity to order a good and inexpensive device on the Internet at a direct fair price from the manufacturer, without the markups of retail chains. If the model was sold in large stores, the headphones would probably cost more – 6-7 thousand.

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