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canon eos rp review Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless, full format and all Canon features of the last generations … for 1500,- € ???

Key specifications:

  • 26.2MP Dual Pixel CMOS sensor
  • 4K/24p (from 1.7x crop region)
  • 4 fps continuous shooting with continuous AF (5 without)
  • Pupil detection AF in continous/Servo AF mode
  • AF rated to -5EV (with an F1.2 lens)
  • Digic 8 processor
  • 2.36M dot OLED viewfinder
  • Fully-articulated 1.04M dot touchscreen
  • Twin command dials
  • CIPA rated to 250 shots per charge


First of all: It’s a pity that such a great FOTO camera is so massively hated. Canon distinguishes itself very concretely and consciously from the rest of the market, where cameras should be able to do everything and nothing right, just so that you can advertise with them and artificially drive up the price. It deliberately dispenses with “superfluous features” that do not interest the conventional photographer anyway and then consistently reduce the price. What more do you want? Find the concept well thought out and pick up a specific customer area. I like it!

I myself come from a Canon EOS 5D Mark 3, which I have used extensively and for all imaginable situations. From portrait, landscape, macro to street etc. everything was there.

What can I say: the EOS RP can do everything just as well, if not better, for less than half the money (new price)! And weighs hardly as much as a drinking packet …

Don’t get it wrong: I liked my 5Dmk3 very much from the handling and the robustness, you just have a block in your hand. But that’s the problem: the block also weighs as much as a block. In the long run, it’s just too heavy, especially with the appropriate lenses. When you’re travelling, you pull out your phone instead of the camera, that’s not the point.

The real advantages, however, lie in the usual good usability and feel of the camera. Everything is in the right place and works magnificently and smoothly. It all seems well thought out and has a tradition in Canon. That’s why many people switch back to Canon because you don’t have that “home-being feeling”.
The great thing is that if you have old EF-S or EF lenses, you can use them without restriction on the adapter: The camera simply switches automatically (10.1MP APS-C or 26MP VF) . That didn’t work with my 5Dmk3! All this coupled with the advantages of mirrorless design is a real win for me.

For me, the most important point: the autofocus MEETS. Always.
What is sharp in the viewfinder is then really sharp on the made image. Due to the Contrast AF (permanent live view), there is no more front and backfocus. The times are finally over and have cost me a lot of nerves and annoyance at my DSLRs, if the perfect picture is unfortunately fuzzy, because the measurement did not work this time.
Together with the 26 MP, the result is a sharpness and an image impression that is unparalleled. Afterwards croppen is absolutely no problem if you want to adjust the composition again.

Also great is the swivel touchscreen, Focus Peaking and the really extensive custom control of the camera. You can put almost anything on any button as you like/need it. This is especially helpful if you have become accustomed to your old camera from the control: you simply place the buttons and functions in the same places and do not have to change mentally.

A short word on the JPEGs: Since Lightroom can’t do the new RAW format yet, I’m shooting in JPEG and what can I say, the pictures just look great! I use the new FD (fine detail) image style and don’t have to do anything more about the pictures! Top!

Topic Noise: A lot has happened, the DIGIC8 processor certainly does its part. For me, even with ISO 12800, the noise is still acceptable. My 5D didn’t come along by a long way!

What I’m missing a little: a separate ISO button and a joystick. The touch-and-drag feature is a nice idea to replace the joystick, but for me personally it’s nothing permanent. The ISO can also be changed via the Set key + Scrolling, but I need it for “Q” as there is no extra “Q key” anymore .. Therefore.. Well, I still have to think about something in the long run. But it’s not a huge problem for me now. If I have to adjust the ISO spontaneously, I simply tap the screen and turn on the wheel. Or have it via the multi-menu (small button to the left of the trigger).

The adapter works super well. The lenses focus faster than on my DSLR. And are crisp and just 100% accurate. The size is also only extended by just under 2cm. That’s OK. The whole thing becomes a little head-heavy, but it is to be endured.

Battery life is absolutely TOP for me. With me, she has withstood about 500 shots with a stabilized lens in ECO (screen dims easily if you don’t look at it for a few seconds). That’s OK, isn’t it? You have a spare battery with you anyway. and I don’t want to make more than 1000 shots a day anyway.

Conclusion: I think the camera is great, it actually replaces my beloved DSLR, even if it was difficult for me and I was very skeptical. It is small, compact, real full size and taking pictures is just fun with it !! If photographing is fun, the pictures will be good, no matter which camera and this applies to the EOS RP without exception! From me a clear yes to this beautifully thought-out and at the same time cheap full-format camera.

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eos rp :-(

I thought better performance a little slow in shooting and in the gusty controls arranged randomly ok instead in the accuracy of shooting and recovering high lights instead of high iso a little poor..


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