Best Wireless Headphones For Sport

Best Wireless Headphones For Sport

This section presents headphones for sports activities: from budget to premium. The models were collected based on customer reviews, taking into account the opinions of professionals. Such devices usually have a cable between the ear pads. The rechargeable battery can be installed not in the headphones, but in the connecting block on the cable between the earbuds. This allows to reduce the weight of the headsets, and has a positive effect on the usability of the equipment. The protection class ranges from IPX5 to IPX8. It should be noted that the set may include several different ear pads with different protection classes. Some, for example, for running, and the other for playing sports in the pool. Advanced models additionally withstand temperature drops up to +45 degrees.


The HONOR AM61 series completes the rating of good wireless headphones for sports in 2021. Huawei’s sub-brand took care of the appearance and ergonomics of the headset. The structure is made of metal with a special coating. The case lasts a long time. Moisture protection has been implemented, allowing these headphones to be used in different conditions. It is worth noting the presence of a remote control and a capacious battery, which is enough for 11 hours of battery life. Thanks to the durable cable, the headphones can be worn around the neck without worrying about the fact that the ear pads are lost during active sports.

JBL Endurance SPRINT

This is an inexpensive but good sports headset with IPX7 waterproof rating. Thanks to the support of proprietary technology, you can increase the battery life of the gadget up to 1 hour in just 10 minutes. By default, the device can operate for up to 8 hours offline. It is worth noting the light weight of the headset due to the use of TwistLock ™ technology. It is extremely difficult to find fault with the ergonomics and design of these headphones. You can receive calls hands-free. At the same time, customer reviews indicate an excellent fixation of the earbuds in the auricle. There are only complaints about the sensitivity of the sensor, which can accidentally be triggered.

Pioneer SE-E5T

In terms of price / quality, the sports headphones of the Pioneer SE-E5T series look good with support for the patented 3D Active Fit technology. The main advantage of this headset is the universal joint, which guarantees high stability in the auricle, even during dynamic sports. The impedance is 15 Ohm, 9 mm dynamic drivers are responsible for the sound. The frequency range varies between 5 and 23,000 kHz. The sensitivity is 100 dB, but at maximum volume, the sound quality sags. Sound and stability are enhanced by the elastic hooks, allowing you to hold the earbuds in your ear without applying pressure.

JBL Under Armor True Wireless Flash

If you’re looking for a high-quality sports earphone, the JBL Under Armor (TWS) IPX7 waterproof model is probably worth a look. According to the manufacturer, this headset can withstand any stress. Bionic Hearing and TalkThru support provide excellent noise isolation, while AmbientAware technology allows you to enjoy your surroundings. The capacity of the battery proves the autonomy for 8 hours. It is worth noting the presence of the Sport Flex Fit earbuds with magnets and high-quality fastening for a better fit. Considering the cost, as well as the totality of positive feedback from athletes, no shortcomings were identified.

Powerbeats 2

The best wireless earbuds of 2021 for sports is the Powerbeats 2, with powerful sound and an IPX4 waterproof design. I am pleased with the quality of bass implementation, as well as quick pairing with devices on IOS. It’s worth noting that this headset was developed with input from LeBron James. This suggests that the headphones are really designed for active people who are forced to operate the headset in difficult conditions. Through the interaction of professionals with engineers, it has been possible to create custom fittings that are of high quality and easy to fix the headset. I am pleased with the high quality of the strength and durability of the headphones. Uses RemoteTalk molded cable and remote control to receive calls.

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