Best TVs From 49 To 50 Inches Of 2021

Best TVs From 49 To 50 Inches Of 2021

Size 49-50 “in the field of TV is the personification of one of the most popular standard sizes, which is justified by the demand for such equipment and their wide scope of application: in everyday life (in different rooms) in beauty salons and other commercial premises. For this size, it is already considered 4K resolution support is the norm, which is why such panels are collected in our ranking of the best TVs from 49 to 50 inches in 2021.

It should be noted right away that in this segment there are quite different models in terms of functionality. There are solutions with Upscaling support, as well as simple panels without SMART TV at all. We took into account the financial capabilities and interests of different buyers (someone buys exclusively for TV viewing, and someone for entertainment in their entirety), so we have various lines from leading brands.

Best Tv 49 Inches

In fact, the 49-inch models are not very different from the 50-inch models, but there are fewer of them in the assortment, as well as the lines. Why? Most likely, the second diagonal looks more interesting stylistically. Of course, manufacturers understand this. However, there are many 49-inch models from past generations, di and new solutions. We tried to collect the worthiest of them in our selection.

1.     LG 49UM7020

The top 10 49-50-inch TVs are opened by the LG 49UM7020, positioned by the South Korean company as a mid-range panel. In terms of technical characteristics, the debutant of last year is not much different from its counterparts. A good liquid crystal matrix with a viewing angle of 178 degrees is used. The refresh rate of a 4K TV is 60 Hz. Support for Active HDR technology is provided, which indicates a good level of contrast. This model implements support for SMART TV based on the webOS 4.5 system. There is a built-in tuner with which you can receive satellite, digital and analogue channels. The acoustics are represented by two 10W speakers.

2.     Philips 50PUS6504

Another inexpensive but good 49.5-inch TV that has a full range of tuners and SMART TVs on the proprietary Saphi platform. Philips 50PUS6504 supports DVB-T2, DVB-S2 and DVB-C. On the back side, you can find special holes for wall mounting of the model using VIDAA fasteners 200×200 mm. They can be found in the complete set with the device. The equipment weighs in the region of 11.5 kilograms, so there should be no difficulties with installation. Support for good backlighting is implemented, there is HDR. Communication equipment includes many interfaces: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DLNA, as well as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and DLNA.

3.     NanoCell LG 49SM9000

A more advanced device based on the NanoCell matrix of the LG 49SM9000 series replenishes the list of good models of 49-inch TVs. The model supports HDR Dolby Vision, pleases with excellent color reproduction against the background of liquid crystal counterparts, there is a PIP function, 4K Upscaling and Time Shift. In other words, this model can handle content that is less crisp than 4K and enhance it. This is due to the presence of an AI processor. The good sound can be attributed to the support for 10W Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. There are no complaints about the a7 processor and proprietary webOS.

4.     Sony KD-49XH8005

Another good 49-inch 4K TV from a company that values ​​its reputation. The manufacturer has implemented many technologies and took care of the correct factory calibration. That is, you just need to purchase equipment and install it in your home, without worrying about the correct setting when using different content. The advanced X1 chip and TRILUMINOS Display technology will do everything for you. True, the brand asks for a rather big price tag for such comfort. This device received a higher quality and more realistic picture than its predecessor. Able to realize 4K X-Reality ™ PRO technology. The Motionflow function, in turn, guarantees high smoothness.

5.     LG OLED48CXR

The best 49-inch TV of 2021 is LG’s premium OLED48CXR, based on an OLED matrix. This device significantly differs from the classic UHD 4K models of this manufacturer by supporting the premium Gen3 processor. This processor can independently analyze content, creating the maximum immersion and presence effect. Due attention is paid to the volume of sound, there is Dolby Vision IQ technology, as well as Dolby Atmos. Separately, it should be noted the quality of SMART TV with a full range of hosting and services, up to Apple TV.

Best 50 Inch TVs

This category contains the most popular and worthy solutions in the indicated standard size. We took into account not only customer reviews, but also looked at reviews, compared the opinions of different experts.

  • TCL L50P8US

The TCL L50P8US model, which has good technical characteristics for the entry-level of this format, replenishes the rating of 4K TVs 49-50 inches. The resolution of the device is 3840 by 2160 pixels. Uses excellent Direct LED backlighting, which contributes to improved brightness. In addition, loud speakers with a power of 16 watts are used. Support for Dolby Digital technology has been implemented. In addition, there is a digital tuner that allows you to use the channels without using the Internet. However, SMART TV is not. This, of course, is a minus, but for ordinary users who want to save money, such TVs are still relevant.

  • Samsung UE50TU7570U

An excellent model in terms of price / quality ratio is the Samsung UE50TU7570U. This is a quality 50-inch 4K TV for bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms. The engineers of the South Korean brand used a mid-range chip called Crystal 4K in this line. The device attracts with modest frames, support for HDR technology and the Smart Hub platform. Users respond positively to control directly from the Apple gadget. To do this, you can use the AirPlay 2 function.

  • Philips 50PUS6704

Another good 4K TV 50 inches with support for Upscaling technology up to 4K format. The Philips 50PUS6704 has good Ambilight lighting and weighs just 13.4 kilograms. According to the manufacturer, this model fully implements HDR Dolby Vision technology, as well as Dolby Atmos. This TV is based on LCD. At the same time, it is noticeable “to the naked eye” that the device is equipped with excellent LED-backlighting. 10-watt stereo speakers are responsible for the sound. Philips Smart TV is used as a platform. There is a built-in media player and a Time Shift function.

  • NanoCell LG 50NANO796NF

Definitely one of the best 50-inch NanoCell TVs. The LG 50NANO796NF series model has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The device received two loud speakers of 10 watts each. There are chic tuners with which you can receive the full range of channels. The advantages of the model include the ability to improve the depth and background thanks to the chic proprietary processor. The model is based on the webOS 5.0 operating system.

  1. Samsung QE50Q67TAU

The best 50-inch TV of 2021 is the VDE-certified Samsung QE50Q67TAU with QLED. This is already a premium flagship, attracting 100% color gamut according to the DCI-P3 standard. The device has stunning color reproduction and brightness, which is also due to the support of dual backlighting Dual LED. On top of that, there is HDR10 + mapping technology. The device itself received a thin body, as well as an advanced Quantum 4K processor. The model operates on the basis of the Smart Hub platform and comes with a mega-convenient One Remote.

How to choose a good tv from 49 to 50 inches?

If you don’t know where to start when choosing a 49–50-inch TV, pay due attention to the key characteristics. Consider them:

  • The matrix. Liquid crystal and quantum dot matrices (used by Samsung) can be used as a fundamental technology in this category. Among the most popular are the classic IPS, NanoCell (new LG TVs), OLED and, accordingly, QLED. The last two options belong to the premium class, have additional LEDs that improve brightness, attract wider color gamut and viewing angle, but also cost more.
  • Sound. In the latest models, acoustics differ not only in volume and codecs, but also in various technologies to improve sound. At the same time, AI processors play a significant role, contributing to sound optimization depending on the type of content used. This speaks of complete immersion.
  • Upscaling. A useful technology for upscaling lower resolution content in 4K.
  • Tuner. If you buy a budget TV without Smart-TV, it is important that the tuner used supports different broadcasting standards (cable, satellite, analog).
  • SMART TV. Allows you to go online and use different video hosting. It can be implemented in different ways, depending on the preinstalled OS and the default collection of supported resources and services.

Which 49–50-inch tv is better to buy in 2021?

Thus, a huge number of models of this standard size are presented on the market today. If you do not know which TV to buy from 49 to 50 inches, try to decide on what budget you are ready to allocate, what options you need, and what class of picture you are counting on. Taking into account different requests, we tried to single out the leaders, in our subjective opinion:

  • Good 49-inch model – Philips 50PUS6504;
  • Best 49-inch TV – LG OLED48CXR
  • An excellent 50-inch model for price and quality – NanoCell LG 50NANO796NF;
  • Best 50-inch TV – Samsung QE50Q67TAU

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