Best Mirror Cameras Of 2021 Top 5

Best Mirror Cameras Of 2021: Top 5

Despite certain discussions, we are talking about the technically most advanced class of digital cameras. They got their name due to the presence of a complex system of mirrors, which are located in the camera body. With their help, light enters the viewfinder through the lens, so that the user can see exactly what he will shoot. At the same time, the matrix of the camera is completely hidden from light, the rays fall on it exclusively at the time of shooting. Therefore, you do not have to worry about overheating and possible noise in the picture. As a rule, such lenses in DSLRs are interchangeable.

Canon EOS 90D

This is an advanced Canon EF / EF-S mount DSLR. The manufacturer himself positions this tool as an ideal solution for shooting sports events. However, many enthusiasts managed to use this device to create high-quality images of devices and other objects. The good result is due to the use of a premium DIGIC 8 processor, as well as a 32-megapixel APS-C CMOS matrix, the resolution of which reaches 6960 by 4640 pixels. The physical dimensions of the sensor are equal to 22.3×14.8 millimeters. It should be added that this model supports burst shooting. Implemented support for 4K video and wireless communications, including Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth.

Nikon D780

The Nikon D780 is a studio DSLR camera with full frame DSLR technology. At the same time, the full-frame instrument is significantly cheaper than the D850. Good photo quality is guaranteed by a large sensor, which measures 36 x 24 millimeters. At the same time, the 24.5-megapixel BSI-CMOS-matrix is ​​supplemented with luxurious phase sensors of automatic focus, which greatly simplifies the process of operating the equipment by inexperienced users. It should be added that the tool works on the basis of a powerful EXPEED 6 processor, which many have already got acquainted with in Nikon Z 6 and Z 7. At the same time, the manufacturer says about the improved capabilities of the novelty in limited lighting conditions, which is justified by the high sensitivity of the camera.

Sony A77 II

Another good DSLR camera that has a professional APS-C class Exmor CMOS sensor, which measures 23.5 x 15.6 mm. The sensor resolution is 24.3 megapixels. In addition, it has a good primary filter and a BIONZ X graphics chip. It should be added that this camera uses an automatic focusing system, supplemented by 79 sensors, including 15 cross sensors. Combined with the F2.8 aperture, it achieves an amazing result. The new algorithm guarantees high accuracy as well as productivity. The 0.5-inch OLED screen deserves special attention.

Nikon D850

The ex-leader in the segment of professional SLR cameras is the Nikon D850, the only drawback of which is the high price against the background of the same 750 series. Nevertheless, the Japanese manufacturer has managed to significantly improve the functionality of the model. At the same time, a powerful 45-megapixel matrix with physical dimensions of 35.9 by 23.9 millimeters was placed in a 915-gram body. The maximum resolution is 8256×5504 pixels. Given the size, it is understandable that a lot of memory is required to store images. Fortunately, the manufacturer took care of this by equipping the Nikon F-mount body with two slots at once.

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II body

The best DSLR of 2020 is the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II body with cutting edge performance, according to the manufacturer. Actually, customer reviews confirm this moment. The professional tool is essentially the quintessence of two predecessors, including the 1D Mark IV reportage camera and the 1Ds Mark III studio camera. At the heart of the camera is a studio CMOS sensor, the size of which is 36 by 24 millimeters. In this case, the matrix resolution is equal to 18 megapixels with a maximum frame resolution of 5184×3456 pixels. It is worth saying that such powerful parameters did not greatly affect the ergonomics of the case – the design weighs a little more than 1.3 kilograms. Special attention should be paid to the ultrasonic sensor cleaning system, which is compatible with all Canon EF lenses.

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