Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

With the improvement in modern-day technology, the photography field moved from lens cameras towards lensless cameras. However, with the invasion of various new technologically advanced cameras, DSLR cameras still have a place in this camera world due to many advantages over the lensless ones.

What is a DSLR camera?

DSLR cameras have the same model as older 35mm film cameras. A mirror within the camera body reflects light entering through the lens up to a prism and through the viewfinder, allowing you to preview your shot before taking it. When you click the shutter button, the mirror rises, the shutter opens, and light falls on the image sensor, capturing the final image.

Advantages of DSLR camera over a mirrorless camera

  • DSLRs have a more comprehensive lens range and a better optical viewfinder for low-light shooting.
  • A high autofocus speed
  • The ability to preview the image before capturing
  • Longer battery life

Facts to know before buying a beginner-friendly DSLR camera

As a beginner, you’ll most likely be starting from zero, so buying a DSLR with a kit lens is one of the best options. However, as a beginner is new to the photography world, he knows less about the DSLR cameras. So, here are some facts a novice should know and take into account before buying the most suitable DSRL. The main three points are,

  • The size of the camera If a beginner looks for some manual settings like aperture and the DSLR shutter speed, he should reach small and light models. So, such beginners need to closely examine the most beginner-friendly cameras, such as the Nikon D3500 and Canon 250D, which are especially small for DSLRs.
  • Screen Another fact that a beginner with interest in video shooting should consider is the DSLR’s screen. A DSLR with a flip screen (articulating monitor screen/ vari-angle screen) makes it easy to take shots from different angles.
  • Kit lens options The DSLR camera lens is another important factor that a beginner should consider before buying his first proper camera. Usually, two types of kit lens come along with the DSLR. One kit lens has more image stabilization where its counterpart does not have such quality. The most suitable option for a beginner is to buy the kit lens with image stabilization like 18-55 mm as it helps to get sharper images at a low shutter speed.

Lastly, with all the attractive features, the selected DSLR camera must match the budget as well.

The latest best DSLR cameras for beginners

With the vast technological development, a beginner can find many DSLR cameras to kick start his journey. Here are some of the selected DSLRs with the latest technology.

Nikon D3500
  • It is the best DSLR identified in 2021 that matches well for a beginner. It is also the Nikon’s entry-level DSLR with an excellent sensor and excellent image quality. It is also user-friendly. One can buy it from within the range of $500 – $700.
Canon EOS Rebel T8i/ Canon EOS 850D
  • Probably this camera is not cheap, but a beginner gets enough for what he paid. It has a lightweight and superb live view shooting ability. A user can buy it for around $729 on
Nikon D5600
  • This DSLR camera possesses excellent image quality with an articulating touch screen that is more suitable for vlogging. The price of this DSRL ranges within $649 – $729 on
Canon EOS 80D
  • This beginner-friendly DSLR has a fast and reliable autofocus system resulting in good photos and focusing. One can purchase this camera for a price within $979 – $999 from
Canon EOS Rebel T7/ Canon EOS 2000D
  • This DSRL is also for beginners and one of the most affordable cameras on the market. It is effortless to use and logically laid out controls. It also has a good battery life and has access to a wide range of lenses, flashguns, and other accessories. It is available for $529 on

With the inexperience and lack of knowledge about the camera world, still, there is a high chance for a beginner to make a wrong move. So, it is also wise to seek advice from an industry expert to choose the ideal DSRL camera.

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