Apple’s Next Big Product: The Apple Glasses

Apple’s next big product. For years, rumours about Apple’s AR glasses have circulated in the tech community. Apple glasses. Despite a timeframe that feels like a lifetime, such speculation stretches over. It seems we might actually be on the cusp of the next major product update from Apple. A recent leak has revealed the most in depth look to Apple’s potential wearable AR device. Well, the majority of leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt in current times, these are come from a highly respected and credible source. So, here’s what we know so far.

Apple’s AR glasses will be known simply as Apple glass, which is a rather fitting title given the Apple Watch. This word, however, is unbelievably reminiscent of Google, which was Google’s attempt at a comparable computer. The final name for the glasses is said to be Apple Glass.However, I wouldn’t put it past Apple to change the label last minute eyeglasses would be especially in line with the brand and might make more sense when we look at how the glasses will operate but we’ll get to that later in the video. Design wise, Apple gloves, which is what we will label them for the time being, is expected to be a sleek and stylish as any other offering from the tech giant leap prototypes look very much like a traditional pair of glasses friendly and approachable as opposed to overly futuristic in an attempt to really appeal to the masses prototypes are being manufactured in black and white plastic, although this material is likely to be swapped out for something more premium such as aluminum or some sort of composite as we neared closer towards production.

It’s also a possibility that Apple will offer multiple frame material for buyer to choose from, similar to what is offered with the Apple Watch in the form of different straps. All of our house tech will fit seamlessly into the frames of Apple glass with the most notable being the LIDAR sensor, which was at the top of the right-hand side of the glasses. For those of you who are unfamiliar, LIDAR is a device that can map an area by measuring the distance between various points at the most basic level.The LIDAR found inside of Apple’s latest products, it has a great look as to what we can expect to find inside the first gen of Apple glass advanced LIDAR technology will make using Apple glass AR approved, with no need to scan your environment before placing objects, measuring or virtually visualizing making procedures interactions between the wearer and their surroundings LIDAR will also take care of things like reading hand gestures and translating QR codes into three dimensional images on the latest iPad Pro.

LIDAR scanner

The LIDAR scanner and pair of cameras were enhanced, however, Apple glass is not expected to house any camera or photographic features, but general thinking behind this is that people will take negatively to talking face to face with someone wearing a face mounted camera that may or may not be recording.

This is something that I can certainly relate to. However, I can’t help but imagine how cool it would be to have a high level camera that can record what you see whenever you please, some are saying that cameras might start to make their way onto the apple glass as they become more popular and widely accepted, but this is strictly speculation so Only time will tell. charging the batteries of the hourglass is said to happen through the use of a designated charging stand or through the use of a wireless charging case both would be a suitable companion to the glasses and seeing as the first models are expected to have a battery life on the shorter side, having a convenient charging dock or carry case would be a much welcomed addition in regards to audio Apple glass is not expected to have any built in speakers or headphones Apple’s recent developments with their must have air pod pros suggest that they’re converted wireless in ear headphones will instead be pushed as part of the experience.This may seem like Apple is doing whatever it can to snag an additional object.

However, including some form of built-in headphone, the daily wearable design would most likely be ruined, not to mention adding excessive weight to the product. Now you might be thinking how the glasses would really work if you get to the important parts. The majority of data processing is said to take place on an iPhone, which would not only minimise the physical footprint of the glasses, but will also greatly reduce their overall cost to allow this, we are likely to see some kind of short-range Wi Fi functionality to be integrated into the iPhone 12 and subsequently future iPhones, older models will possibly also be supported, but are likely to be built into the iPhone 12 and future iPhones.

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