10 things you need to know about Canon EOS R5 before you buy

If you’re looking for a camera that can do everything, your search is over: Canon EOS R5 is a professional full-frame mirrorless camera with state-of-the-art specs for both photos and videos, making it ideal for anyone who wants to switch between things quickly and easily.

“Canon EOS R5 can do pretty much anything,” says Mike Burnhill, Professional Imaging Product Specialist at Canon Europe. “It offers high-speed shooting, high-resolution images, and 8K raw video, specifications that only recently might have seemed impossible.”

In this article we review 10 of canon EOS R5’s most important features and analyze its revolutionary capabilities in more detail.

1. Sensore Dual Pixel AF CMOS da 45 MP

Designed and manufactured by Canon, EOS R5’s revolutionary 45MP sensor features Dual Pixel AF CMOS technology and is capable of capturing images up to 20fps with the electronic shutter or 12fps with the mechanical shutter. This combination of speed and resolution debunks the myth that you can’t have both.

The sensor, combined with Canon’s high-performance RF lenses and the DIGIC X processor, allows Canon EOS R5 to capture new levels of detail at incredible speeds, all with AF tracking.

2. Modalità video full-frame 8K, 4K/120p e 4K HQ

Canon EOS R5 is able to internally record 12-bit 30p 30p full-frame video in RAW format and 4K full-frame 120p (4:2:2 10-bit). In addition, 4K HQ mode uses a high-quality demosaicization algorithm for oversampling 8K footage, generating individual red, green and blue 4K channels from the Bayer RGB 8K model filter on the sensor. This results in moiré suppression and noise reduction, resulting in higher 4K image quality than standard 4K cameras.

Not everyone needs to produce in 8K, but everyone will benefit from Canon EOS R5’s 8K features, such as the ability to crop movies while editing and maintain 4K resolution, or more detailed shooting (with oversampling) in 4K HQ mode.

3. IS combined with 8 stops

Canon EOS R5 and its sister camera, Canon EOS R6, are the first EOS cameras equipped with an integrated image stabilization system (IS) for vibration-free photos and videos. The 5-axis image stabilizer with certain objectiveses reaches up to 8 stabilization stops. When the camera is paired with an RF lens equipped with IS it is able to correct multiple types of vibrations to improve performance in the real world, which makes it truly revolutionary for shooting freehand and in low light conditions. Movie Digital IS provides greater stabilization when recording movies.

4. Fast AF Performance

Canon EOS R is famous for having the fastest auto focus of any full-frame mirrorless camera, capable of focusing in 0.5ms (0.05 seconds). Canon EOS R5 maintains the same AF speed, despite the significant increase in megapixels. So, not only is canon EOS R5 a high-resolution, high-frame rate camera, but it also has a layer-level star AF. Canon EOS R5 also offers an increase in the area covered by the AF, up to 100% vertically and horizontally using the automatic selection of the AF area.

5. Face detection and tracking

Canon EOS R5 is equipped with AF tracking with deep learning technology for people and animals that works in all AF modes and is able to recognize all kinds of situations. Like Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Canon EOS R5 features improved face detection, capable of detecting a face from a strong lateral angle, and is the first EOS camera to have the AF tracking function for animal subjects with the ability to recognize cats, dogs, and birds (including face and eye detection).

So far, the AF in videos has never been great, neither in terms of operation nor control, but Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology has changed everything. “Those who have tried it, love it, both because it has made their life easier in full AF/tracking mode, and because of manual focus with the innovative Dual Pixel Focus guide,”.

6. Professional-level video features

Canon EOS R5 supports Canon Log (including BT.2020) and HDR PQ recording mode for a wider dynamic range and low noise levels.

Canon EOS R5 is also the first EOS camera to feature zebra pattern, which overlays strips with an image to identify areas that might be overexposed. Strips can be seen on both the camera itself and external monitors.

It is also possible to capture 4K at 60p on an external recorder or, in case of 8K shooting in RAW format, simultaneous recording of a compressed 8K version on a different memory card. “This is ideal for proxy editing or to make sure you have a backup of important movies,” mike explains.

7. Optimized EVF

Canon EOS R’s electronic viewfinder (EVF) provides details from 3.69 million points to 60 fps, but Canon EOS R5 goes even further. “The EVF now has a resolution of 5.76 million points and an update rate of 120 fps, so it captures even more detail,” mike explains. “This makes it more like the optical viewfinder of a reflex camera.”

Canon listened to feedback from its customers when it came to designing the new camera. “Canon EOS R5’s eye sensor now turns off when the LCD screen is open. We listened to user feedback, which made a lot of sense, because when you keep the screen open you probably don’t use the viewfinder.”

8. Portrait Lighting Option

Canon EOS R5 presents a new feature for RAW Dual Pixel images: Portrait Lighting.

“Dual Pixel RAW images can be edited inside the camera,” mike explains. “This feature uses depth map information stored in the Dual Pixel RAW file to allow the use of a secondary light source in an image [as the name suggests, it only works with faces].

“The brightness, direction and degree of coverage can be changed, all on the back of the camera. It’s like having a virtual reflector in the camera that allows you to decrease or increase shadows on the subject’s face, after capturing it.”

9. Multi-control button and two memory card slots

Canon EOS R5 builds on the legacy of Canon EOS R, while adding the features users demand. The multi-control button (joystick) has been reintroduced for selecting AF points, but with a speed control to set their responsiveness.

Canon listened to feedback about the lack of two memory card slots on Canon EOS R, but they had already been programmed for this professional level model, which features two different types of cards.

“Canon EOS R5 caters to a wide range of photographers and filmmakers, many of whom travel around the world, so it was important to aim for maximum performance and flexibility,” mike explains. “We’ve included a CFexpress memory card slot with next-generation performance, but they’re not widely available outside of specialty stores, so for the other we opted for an SD card, the most common type, so you should be able to find a compatible card pretty much anywhere.”

10. Connectivity

Canon EOS R5 enjoys considerable connectivity regarding communication between devices. In addition to traditional Wifi support at 2.4 Ghz, Canon EOS R5 is the first EOS camera to offer integrated 5 Ghz Wifi connectivity1. Wifi supports FTP and FTPS, and settings can be configured offline or using EOS Utility software, with the ability to store up to 10 networks for easy access.

Network menus and broadcast options are similar to those found on Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, including the ability to add voice tags to images or send tagged/classified images. You can connect to a compatible smart device via the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, which provides a constant connection with minimal battery consumption.

Not sure where to store your files? The new service offers unlimited cloud storage, even for RAW files, for 30 days. Canon EOS R5 is also the first camera to allow automatic loading to the cloud when connected to the internet: images are then synchronized on the computer so that they are immediately available on return from a service.

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